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Loan Against Property

  • Loan amount from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 Crores
  • Eligibility of upto 70% of property market value
  • Loan tenures of upto 15 years
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Unlock your property's true potential

If you ever find that you need some urgent funds, then you'll be glad to know that Capital First's Loan against Property allows you to borrow a substantial amount of money by mortgaging your property as collateral. Be it your residential, commercial or industrial property, Capital First will give you finance against property!

We have simple online application

  • Fill our simple application

    It takes a few minutes to fill our online application form.

  • Submit your documents

    Our representative will visit you to collect your documents.

  • Verification

    Our representative may get in touch with you to verify your details and may also schedule a personal discussion

  • Approval

    On successful verification, your loan amount would be approved and money will be deposited in your bank account

To get approval, you will need
  • Name & Date of Birth
  • Identity Documents
  • Latest Income Tax Returns
  • Last 6 months bank statements
  • Property Papers

Know your eligibility


Who is Eligible?

  • Sole Proprietors and Partnership Firms
  • Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Salaried and Self Employed Professionals
  • You need to be at least 2 years in business (for Self-employed) or have 3 years work experience (for salaried individuals) in an industry with a positive net worth
  • The age requirement is minimum 23 years of age at the time of taking the loan and maximum of 70 years of age or retirement at the time of maturity
  • Clear banking and loan payment history
  • Good credit rating score in credit bureau

Special Services

To meet the needs of all our customers we bring you a complete suite of programs that are tailor made to your requirements, you can avail a loan under any of the following programs:

  • Normal Income Program: You can avail loan basis your financial statements.
  • Debt Consolidator: If you have multiple loans running and want to consolidate all the payments into one single EMI. There is also a flexibility of availing additional loan under this program.
    • Other programs
    • Balance transfer programs
    • Repayment track record
    • Assessed Income Program
    • No Income Program
    • High Equity Program
  • Document Custodial Facility: Capital First understands the importance of safeguarding your property documents and has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the leading storage facilities in India for storing your valuable property documents. You can be assured about your document residing safely with state of the art storage facility plus world class security systems and fire resistant storage rooms.

You are in good company

Our customers just love us..

I took a loan against my property from Capital First and I needed more money for my business' expansion. On the same property, I got a top-up loan just basis my good credit history with Capital First. They never asked me for more collaterals for the extra amount. It was all about trust. Thank you Capital First for trusting on me and my business motives.

Mohd. Qadar

For expanding my business, I wished to take a mortgage loan but with the property I had, I wasn't getting a good rate and amount from any bank. It was when I met a Capital First representative that my problem got resolved and I was provided a good amount of loan against my property.

Ranveer Kumar

There are certain areas in the city where banks never lend money against properties. Mine was situated at such a place and I was in an urgent need of cash for medical emergencies. I heard about Capital first from my relative and approached them for a mortgage loan. It took only a week's time, and I got the money in my bank account. Thanks Capital First.

Jigar Shah

Questions? We are happy to help you

Any customer who has a requirement for funding any purchase of Residential Property will have to comply with the following requirements:
  • Application Form filling
  • Processing Fees payment
  • Documents Requirement (at both login and post-sanction-pre disbursement stages)
  • Personal Discussion (for assessment and gauging requirement and repayment by Underwriting Officer)
  • Investigation verification (mandatory verifications instituted to ensure validation of documents provided)
  • Sanctioning of Loan
  • Legal / Property Assessment
  • Disbursement of Loan
You'll need to know that a 'sanction of loan' and a 'disbursement of funds' are two entirely different entities. Here's how you can get your loan sanctioned and disbursed, explained in a logical order:

Application form:

This document enables your lender get a gist of yourself and all your details required in order to provide funds as per requirement. All the terms and conditions vital as customer information are mentioned on the application form. The accuracy and conciseness of data provided such as the borrower's (your) personal information, your contact details, details of the property offered as collateral, the total cost of that property, the total loan amount required, details regarding your income, and the loan tenor requested will form the base of the loan application. It is a key document upon which the entire loan approving process is based on. The processing fee cheque will also be required to be attached with this form.

Processing fees:

The Processing Fees charged at the Initial Stage is dependent upon the loan amount applied. Usually Initial Processing Fees charged is either Rs. 2,500* up to Rs. 10 Lakhs and Rs. 5,000* for amounts greater than Rs. 10 Lakhs. *Please note applicable Service Taxes will apply in addition to chargeable PF amounts..


Depending on the loan requirement, our Relationship Manager will gauge the best possible scheme under which you will be applicable to avail maximum eligibility. Basis this you will be directed to provide a list of documents which would enable us to best serve your requirement.
Documents required are categorized into these broad categories:, some which are non-deviatable and mandatory as per NHB (National Housing Bank) guidlelines whereas on some a little leeway can be provided
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Income proof
  • Proof of educational qualifications (where applicable)
  • Age proof
  • Employment details
  • Bank statements
  • Details about the property in case you have finalized it before hand
  • Any other obligation documentation (SOA, Sanction Letters, etc.)

Discussion with the lender:

Basis the assessed information from documents collected, the Underwriting Team will interact with you (via phone or in person) either directly or through a third party service provider to gather more information with regard to your loan application to help serve you better.

Investigation verification

Customary checks are made at your residence address as per KYC provided as well as office address from where income is gauged. Basis certain requirements, additional checks can be made to ensure due diligence on Home Loan Application.

Loan Sanction/Loan Sanctioning Letter:

Basis the congruence of all the aforementioned processes, Capital First Home Finance Limited holds the right to approve or reject your Home Loan Application. In either case you will receive intimation of the same via our Relationship Manager. In case your Home Loan Application has been approved, you shall receive a Sanction Letter for a loan amount equaivalent to your maximum eligibility or requested loan amount (whichever is lesser).

Your sanction letter gives you details on:

The loan amount sanctioned by the lender
  • Rate of Interest (ROI).
  • Tenure of Loan.
  • EMI Amount.
  • Documents required basis conditional Sanction.
  • Validity of the Loan sanctioning letter.
  • Any other terms and conditions.

Legal / property assessment:

Once the property is finalized and the asset is defined to the financier, you will be required to provide a distinct set of documents relating to the property selected. These documents will assist in providing information whether said property is sound upon which funding can be provided.
a. Legal check:
A check is conducted on whether documents provided are within norms of the prevailing law of the land. It is of pivotal importance that the property being mortgaged be legally sound and documents provided be in line with enforceable legislation of the land.
b. Technical check:
Through specialized qualified third party vendors, a thorough check is done whether property approvals are complied with in the construction of the property. Regulatory norms with regard to NA Lands, CRZ Norms, B-Khata rules, etc depending on the location of property are checked along with the structural integrity, life and maintenance of structure erected. It is to be noted that a property complying with all these stated norms will be deemed fit to provide a justified mortgage for the entire tenor of the loan.

The checks vary depending upon the type of Property, i.e.:

Under Construction Property:

The approved plans, CC, IOD, NA and other construction related documents are checked and verified by the specialized third party representatives who then check whether said construction is being constructed in tandem with the aforementioned documents.

Ready Purchase / Resale Property:

The Occupancy Certificate (OC), BCC, among other documents are checked by the specialized third party representatives who then checks the structural integrity of the property.

Disbursement of Loan:

Signing the home loan agreement: The borrower signs the home loan agreement at this stage and hands over the originals. Registration and signing of loan agreement: Once you are done with the above process and your property gets a nod, the registration, stamping and signing of the loan agreement is done.

Disbursement of loan: Funds are only released if all submitted documentation is found to be in order according the norms set by Capital First Housing Finance Limited, the loan agreement has been executed,original receipts of payments have been received and due legal vetting of these original documentation along with mandatory checks are found to be sound.
It is not mandatory to have a co-applicant. If someone is the co-owner of the property in question, it is necessary that he/she also be the co-applicant for the Home Loan. If you are the sole owner of the property, any member of your immediate family can be your co-applicant. If you choose to not have a co-applicant, then any individual in the capacity of a guarantor can be party to the loan application. It is to be noted that Capital First Home Finance Limited does not accept loan applications on a single applicant basis .
Provisional Interest Certificate gives the Principal and Interest breakup for the scheduled EMI for a complete Financial Year i.e. from April to March. This calculation can be used for claiming the Income tax rebates in appropriate cases under Section 80C as well as Section 24 of the Income Tax Act. The calculations are based upon Current Principal Balances, Current ROI and Current EMI along with any changes recorded in the Current Financial Year. Any change that may happen before the end of the Financial Year will alter the calculation and the figures. You can get it by logging on to our website and logging in with details provided to you post loan disbursement.
The Provisional Income Tax Certificate can change under certain circumstances like change in Interest Rate. The projection is calculated on 'as is' basis and does not consider any future change that may happen either on the Interest, EMI or the Principal.
Your EMI consists of two parts-paying back the principal amount you borrowed, plus the interest rates charged 'on' it. Three factors come into the equation - (i) how much you borrowed, (ii) the rate of interest, and (iii) the loan tenure. There are ways to bring your EMI down: for one, (i) it drops automatically if there is a drop in interest rates, or (ii) if you pay back more than you need to (called a 'partial prepayment').
There are two ways of going about this: An Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) is an easy and convenient option, available exclusively to those that have a bank account. Your EMIs get paid out automatically from your account every month, at a specified date.

With Capital First Home Finance Limited, you may also choose to hand in a fresh set of Post-Dated Cheques (PDCs) ahead of time, from any bank account. Note that this is only for those customers in non-ECS locations.

ECS is the preferred mode, as it's faster and there are no chances of errors. Plus, there's no hassle of replacing PDCs when the EMI changes, or when they run out. Finally, with the institution of NACH, monitoring and regulation of EMI repayments is more efficient due to the management of the NPCI.
When there's an unexpected increase in interest rates, Capital First Home Finance Limited, will accordingly increase the EMI amount to ensure that your loan repayment takes place in tandem with the prescribed loan tenor prescribed in the original loan sanction and disbursement.
You can choose to pay your EMIs by electronic methods (ECS), by handing in post-dated cheques, or through direct payments. - ECS: Going in for the ECS option, you'll need to pay the revised amount from the subsequent month; you'll be paying the differential amount separately, during the current month.

- PDC: If you're going with the PDCs, you'll need to completely replace your old cheques.

No matter what your method of payment is, it goes without saying that the EMI needs to be paid before the due date.
You can choose to increase the EMI amount whenever you choose to during the loan tenure. Taking advantage of this, you can reduce the loan tenure and save a whole lot of money on the loan. For any assistance, with the same contact us via our website or on our toll free customer care number provided to you at the time of initial sanction and disbursement.
Pre-EMI interest is the interest that you need to pay on amount you borrow from Capital First Home Finance Limited. Commencing from the date of each disbursement, this amount is liable to be paid on calculations made on a daily basis till the next 5th (EMI Date).
The rates of interest that decides the interest component-changes when choose to get a Variable Rate Loan. When this happens, you will see this change occur:
The EMI amount goes up with rising rates, or comes down in the case of falling interest rates.
We take a look at the interest rates once every 2 months in accordance with our re-pricing policy; this is when we decide whether a change in interest rates is warranted. This is basis various external and internal factors such as the PLR and cost at which Capital First Home Finance Limited acquires funds.
Yes, you may, and at no extra charges for all Home Loans availed in Individual Capacity.
You can do part-prepayment at any time post clearance of your first EMI with a minimum amount equivalent to three times your monthly EMI. Example; in case your monthly EMI is Rs.1 lakh, then minimum amount of Part-prepayment allowed is Rs.3 lakh.
Your loan eligibility is determined by certain deciding factors
  • Age
  • Income
  • Valuation of Property (Fair market value)
  • Existing obligations, if any
  • Stability/Continuity of employment/Business
Yes, based on your income eligibility, we can offer you an in-principle approval for your Home Loan. Based on this, you can identify the property you need to buy. The final sanction of your Home Loan will be based on the assessment of the identified property.
We offer a maximum repayment tenor of up to 25 years for all Salaried and Self Employed customers basis available tenor can be serviced by the applicant. This is for all Home Loans and does not extend up to Top-Up Loans.
There is no specific CIBIL Score requirement as per Capital First Home Finance Limited policy. However, it is under the discretion of Capital First Home Finance Limited to accept or reject any loan application basis any irregularity noticed in the CIBIL.
Capital First Home Finance Limited has a wide array of surrogate schemes offered by very few of our market competitors. These include:
  • Home Loan Banking Program
  • Home Loan No-Income Proof Program
  • Home Loan Assessed Income Proof Program (Liquid Income)
  • Home Loan High Equity (60:40) Program
  • Home Loan BT RTR Program
  • Home Loan RTR Program
  • Home Loan Top-Up Policy Surrogate Program
Due to specialization in Rural and Affordable Home Loans, Capital First Home Finance Limited is astute in taking case specific calls on profile, CIBIL and other loan parameters which is usually not done by many competitors. Capital First Home Finance Limited also provides door-to-door service whereby customer ease and delight is of utmost importance. Finally, we offer loans across various locations with extensive geo limits and greater specialization in Affordable Housing.
The EMI date for EMI payment is 5th of every month. There is no alternative date of repayment provided at Capital First Home Finance Limited.